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Ten things men should know about a woman when she buys a home:

– Women are in the financial driving seat as inevitably they book the viewing selections and make the final choice.

– Women shop a lot and always know what they want even though they never quite explain what it is.

– They also know the rest of the family’s wish list  – even if it has not been openly discussed.

– Women are social animals and excellent at networking so they generally have a good knowledge of the area they are looking in or at least know of someone who does.

(This includes knowledge of the best schools and crucially their selection criteria.)

–  the kitchen is always key; attention to where the washing will be dried, how big the fridge/freezer is and what is the make of the oven, is weighed up in a nano- second?

– Upstairs – wardrobe space counts – storage everywhere is an essential ingredient.

– Good light in the bedroom or ensuite’ matters.

– Shower or bath – preferably both, must have a hand- hose for hair washing.

– Consideration of fairness of bedroom size for the children – at this stage the majority of her existing furniture will already be imagined in place.

– And once outside, is the garden big enough for the children?

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