What are F.I.T.S (Feed In Tariffs)?

Forget dual fuel – FITs means dual payment for renewable energy fuel that you as a house owner generate.

F.I.T.’s or  Feed In Tarrifs as they are also known are the rates the government will pay to you if you are generating your own energy.

You will be paid a Generation Tariff (ie a price per unit just for producing it) even though you are using it for yourself!  So not only do you save on energy bills, but you get paid for what you consume from your renewable energy generation.

This Generation Tariff will be fixed for twenty years.

And then any excess generated that you want to sell back to the Grid will be paid for per unit at the Export tarrif rate.  The export tariff is a sum expected to fluctuate with the market in between  the retail price and the wholesale pric.

Encraft is a website that will give you a guide to your household energy use and what you save by applying the alternative  energy saving methods to your type of house.

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I attended a seminar last October at Buildstore conducted by Tim Pullen,  Eco Expert,  who writes for Home Building and Renovating  Magazine.  He was very knowledgeable on renewable energy systems and spoke very clearly about the subject and how to make money from renewables.

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Buildstore is based in Swindon and offers a lot of expert knowledge expecially via its seminars it hosts at  special events and entrance is free.

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This site explains the F.I.T.’s further:

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